Like weeds in a garden, prickly people just keep popping up, don’t they?  Just when you think you cleaned them all out, here comes another one!  If cranky people seem to be the norm for you and your business, consider how you might be allowing that and learn today how to create the systems to deal so you can keep the deal moving along without losing your mind!  Better yet?  Take our suggestions on how to stop them from becoming an issue in the first place!

Our discussion today picks up where we left off yesterday with the points below. Missed Part 1? Listen here.

6. Appreciate difficult people for the light they shine on your business. Cranky, particular, stressed out types are like heat- seeking missles looking for the flaws in your system. Be grateful they identify those issues for you and FIX the flaws.

7. Focus on what’s going RIGHT more than what’s going WRONG. Gratitude, grace and giving will prevail when you focus on what you’re here to give more than what’s here to take. When someone slips through your filter but they’re still your client, especially when you have them in contract, it’s your job to follow through for them! Be the solution, not a continuation of the problem. Get back to a place of being of service. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way…this means setting your ego aside and simply doing your job. Your clients trust you to lead the way, even if they don’t verbalize this to you. They don’t know how to ask for help, but know that they crave your leadership. PROFIT is the result of your leadership and skill.

8. Know that you’re in good company. There’s not a top producing agent in the country who hasn’t had to deal with toxic people. The best ones learn from those relationships and take steps to minimize them in the future.

9. Challenge yourself to make it a game of being one step ahead until you close. Remember what you’re making to deal with the situation. Chances are you’re still making good money per hour, so put on those big girl panties and get to work!

10. Know that 9 out of 10 times, toxic people don’t mean it. Real estate is far more stressful to the average Joe or Josephine than it is to you. It’s the biggest, most serious transaction they’ve ever done. The tendency is to freak out and come unglued, NOT to become a meditative, calm Buddha. Be there for your clients even if they’re driving you crazy. They’re stressed. Have some compassion.

Today we conclude our discussion of ways that you can stay focused, upbeat, and avoid the negativity that threatens to ruin your mindset and profitability. If you’ve ever felt like giving up, then today’s podcast is for you!

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