It’s hard to get rich when your mind is either going in a dozen directions, or you feel like you’ve lost it!  Why all the drama? You’re overthinking what it takes to succeed in this business!

A day in the life of a Superstar agent…It’s probably complicated, right? Wrong!  They want you to think that its hard, but the truth will astound you. The best agents in the business actually follow a really simple daily schedule.  Their day consists only of concise, targeted and drilled down activities that bring home the bacon!  Unlike “reality TV,” there is no room for real estate drama, just a mindset of service and clarity as they follow the simple steps on the path to wealth.

Writer and Nobel Prize Laureate, Thomas Mann, says “Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.”  If you want to master real estate, quit making it so complicated and simplify it instead.

Today we walk you through the steps on how to do that!  When the alarm goes off and your feet hit the floor, what are the most important things to focus on?  After all, your real estate day should consist of your pre-business routine, your morning business schedule, lunchtime, and your afternoon schedule.  In those four sections of each day, your goal is to put the fewest, but most profitable activities into them; the things that prepare you for making money and the ones that actually do!

It’s not about trying to control your entire day either, but setting minimum standards and benchmarks that push you closer toward the goal.  Take a listen to todays episode and see how many of these you’re already doing and which ones you need to get started on!  With simplicity ruling your day, not only are you on the path to peace, but also profit!

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