Show us your habits and we can usually predict whether you are (or will be) truly successful for the long haul!  Its easy to go right to focusing on the good habits, but ingrained good habits are usually the result of actively working to overcome the bad ones. Which truly horrible habits are you guilty of that are standing in the way of you having success? Not only do you need to constantly monitor your habits, but you’ll have to take action on them daily too! Today we talk about the next 3 habits that are killing your chances at success and how to actively squelch them for good!

Bad Habit #4: Thinking it’s about a liquidity event instead of saving consistently. We talk about this all the time!  Pay yourself first, always.  Even if its just a small amount.  Waiting for both sides of the deal, the next big listing or the windfall from a real estate investment is not the way to go if you want to last for the long haul in this business.  You have to start somewhere, so get saving with every single commission check!

Bad Habit #5 – Believing the myth that talent is everything. Let’s face it!  Not every one is super talented and yet, don’t we see people who we never thought would succeed, make something of themselves?  Have you noticed what they DO have?  When skills are lacking, perseverance is the answer!  If you’ve ever been beat by a rookie agent for a listing or a buyer, you know this is true, so don’t forget it!

Bad Habit #6 -You use excuses to be complacent and make that ‘your story.’ In our 20 years of coaching, we’ve heard it all: I’m too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too inexperienced…and on and on!  The problem with this bad habit is that it’s one that grows; from something you say one time, to the story of your life!  What’s worse?  You usually find others to come along for the ride and before you know it, its a circle of complainers, rather than winners.

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