For every real estate agent, there are a few cardinal rules to abide by to ensure that you are forging great relationships with your clients that will lead to long-term connections and, just as important, referrals. Following a few simple rules can solidify the foundation of your business and ensure that driving growth will be just a little bit easier.

In a recent Forbes report, Lee Kiser, a multifamily expert, active broker and co-founder of Chicago-based Kiser Group, KIG and Enodo Inc., noted a few rules that agents can live by.

Kiser, who has trained more than 50 commercial real estate brokers in sales and multifamily brokerage, writes in Forbes that he discovered there are three sales tips that never grow old — and that bear repeating.

We shouldn’t have to point out the first one, but Kiser notes that agents and brokers should never argue with a client. He explains that this is a no-win situation. If you win, the client walks away feeling stupid and the working relationship is damaged. If you lose the argument, well, you lose!

As an agent, the best approach is to ensure that your client is looking at the situation clearly and objectively and making the best decision for them. Too often, agents take an objection personally. Take it as an opportunity to learn about the client and find out what is bothering them. Understanding can go a long way to help you work with the client to make a decision.

Second, Kiser also notes that it is a good idea to purge hyperbole, superlatives, clichés and “salesy” lingo from your vocabulary. He notes that words such as “good, better and best” are subjective and should be avoided. Rather than pointing out that a home or commercial property is in a “fantastic location,” explain the location and some of its benefits. You can then let the client decide whether the location is good, better or best.

According to Kiser, words like “fantastic, phenomenal, excellent, great, stupendous” are words used in a circus and that is where they should stay.

Kiser also points out that one of his my pet peeves is “Let me be honest with you.” People who use this phrase usually are ready to deliver bad news. Just give the client the news without the cliché. Using this phrase might imply that you are not always honest because you are essentially qualifying your statement as “this time I’m being honest.” Always ensure that phrases you use convey the true meaning of what you are trying to express to clients.

Lastly, Kiser says it is always important for agents to avoid pretending to know things they don’t know. An effective agent is an agent who will do anything to find the right answer for a client or a prospective client, not one who already has the answers.

These tips often play to a few little habits that every agent falls into. It is important to take a critical look at your sales style from time to time and ensure that you are always presenting yourself exactly as you want to. By following these seemingly obvious but always-important tips, you can stay at the top of your sales game.

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