Half the country is drenched in humidity, the other half in excessive heat.  Whatever your specific weather, dress for the heat/ humidity while maintaining your professional cool and credibility.  You want your client to pay attention to you, not your clothes.

Here are the ABC’s of business dress:

A – Appropriate clothes that work well in the real estate environment and the people with whom you interact are always in style as well as cool in the heat.  A good rule of thumb is to dress one “level” up from your client.

B – Boundaries – Make sure you’re “covered” properly and not wearing anything that distracts your clients/colleagues from your business…selling real estate.

C – Consistency – What you’re wearing in any temperature helps to establish your professionalism from the get-go.  Look as competent, credible and trustworthy as you are. Your client will know he/she is in good hands when you’re dressed to look the part even when it’s sweltering.

Here are some to do’s that might help you with your ABC’s during these peak temperature months:

Dress in layers…It’s easy to accommodate the high heat outside and the seemingly frigid air conditioning inside with a short/cap sleeve top, not sleeveless, and a summer weight sweater or light jacket.

Skirts rather than slacks…Skirts enable air movement around your thighs.  Even if you “never” wear skirts, the temperature/humidity may make you reconsider.


Pull your hair off your shoulders/back into a simple, neat, professional (chignon, french twist, low pony tail) style.

Try lighter makeup…Makeup tends to blotch, run and wear off in the heat.  Use less.

Try lighter fragrances…Just a splash of a light scent goes a long way in the heat.  Heavy perfume tends to cloy and become too much.

Here are some no’s to consider:

No showing extra skin…You want your client’s attention on you, not your too low plunging neckline.  This means no sheer tops, too low v-necks and/or eye-popping hemlines.  You’re working, not working it.

No mini skirts or shorts.  You want you clients to look at your face and focus on your words.

No sleeveless tops or dresses even if you have great arms.

Not too casual shoes.  Save your sandals for after work.

No crazy colors.  A touch of color goes a long way while loud colors and/or too many colors tend to be distracting.

While men may have less flexibility with the expectation of office professional dictating suit pants, jackets and ties, some of the same concepts like no loud colors, appropriate footwear, no shorts and light cologne still apply!

Some fashion consultants recommend that female agents always wear hosiery or some alternative such as thigh or knee high styles.  However, I live in Arizona where it’s +110 and can’t imagine wearing hosiery.  This one is your call.


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