When you got into real estate you likely thought you’d never really have a ‘boss’ again. Regardless of your independent contractor status, the broker or team leader is still a force in the office and sets the tone for the company as a whole. In the end, you license hangs under this man or woman. If you’re a broker having trouble recruiting and retaining the top agents, why is that? Could it be in the way you’re leading?

Whether you’re the broker or an agent working under a broker, here’s 7 qualities that the very best brokers share, setting up their offices and their agents for ultimate success.

First, let’s lay the groundwork with these by accepting that if you don’t already have these qualities, you’ll need to make a commitment to implement and maintain them always. Prioritize this as its key to the health of your brokerage and the team at large. If as an agent, you don’t see these qualities in your own broker/manager, it may be time to make some changes. And if you’re a solo broker/owner, you ARE the leader of YOU, so adapt these qualities so you can be a great leader for yourself!

Let’s pick up where we left off in Part One with some more great points:

4. A great Broker, Manager or Team Leader keeps a transparent score board, highlighting goals and holding agents accountable. Rather than worrying about office politics or politically correct behavior, a great manager lets the superstars shine and encourages competition to raise everyone’s game.

5. A great Broker, Manage or Team Leader knows that teams are great, but great salespeople want to be held individually responsible. It’s easy to think that the people at the bottom of the rung aren’t really holding the team back, especially when they’re not doing anything overtly ‘wrong’ but a great manager lets leaders of the pack shine and prunes the ones who can’t keep up.

For the rest of todays points as we wrap up this series, tune into the entire episode and then evaluate either your own leader or the leader that you are!

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