I’m a new student in Charleston, SC and would like to share my progress. I completed my first BPO and registered with Mark to Market and Solidfi. I agree that the little things make a difference, like responding to leads immediately!  I’m reading the book The Compound Effect and in learning about the “moments of truth,” I’m making a few adjustments to upgrade my appearance.

I am so happy I decided to invest in my personal development. Industries change, and as leaders we must adapt to change to succeed in life. Imagine, if I didn’t sign up for coaching, I would have never known about BPOs and REOs to help my clients and make a living. Tim and Julie, you rock!


-Master P. Bines

(Master, We are so thrilled for you! BTW, YOU rock for getting into action and implementing some takeaways from that great book.  Keep us posted and remember that we’re here for you anytime! – Tim & Julie) 

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