Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for addressing my question about the PLP guaranteed home sale program on your coaching call today. It makes perfect sense! Thanks for providing such a powerful idea, and then backing it up with examples and materials.

I’ve been a full-time agent for about six months now, have yet to close a transaction, and I signed up for coaching around February 1st. I have some ‘runway’ left but was starting to get discouraged. After making the decision to start coaching, I also resolved to “be as coachable as possible.” For this reason, after listening to your segments on the Pre-Listing Package I FORCED myself to ASSUME it must make sense.

It probably sounds silly, but calling you and asking this question was a significant step for me, and a major change in mindset. I am something of a “professional skeptic” and I had to make myself not declare the whole thing nonsense.

I wanted to thank you and Tim for one other insight now permeating into my personal habits and patterns. Recently on the radio show, Tim said something like “You cannot wait until you feel like working, because you’ll never feel like working. You have to do what you don’t want to do before you feel like doing it, and after you enjoy success from taking action, then you’ll start to feel more like doing it.”

This insight hit me right between the eyes. I now see that I have been waiting to feel inspired all my life, and even though I’ve enjoyed some success based on some natural talents, I’ve also limited myself and suffered mediocrity and disappointment. Obviously I can’t take credit for success in real estate sales yet, but I’m focusing on your list of five dollar-productive activities (and avoiding the list of four distractors). So wish me luck, and I’ll be sure to let you know if/when things change.

Thanks again,


(Glen, We’re so glad to hear you’ve made the decision to put aside your skepticism and remain coachable.  This is often half the battle!  Keep attending the daily call and be aware of anything in the future that you’re resisting so that we can help you nip that in the bud, before it affects your success!  We’re here for you, anytime!  – Julie & Tim)


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