Revenue streams can be active and passive, transactional and recurrent. Let’s concentrate on recurrent revenue streams in this post.

By your taking action…your selling a house, for example…you are creating an active revenue stream. The action is transactional…you sell the house and you get paid. The more houses you sell…the more transactions you complete…the more times you get paid, the larger your revenue stream, right?

Instead of having to sell one house and then another and then another to increase your revenue stream, how about taking action once and having that one action create a recurrent revenue stream..

That’s what happens when you become a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®.

Let’s say you organize one presentation to a group of real estate agents in your firm as a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® and when any of those agents signs up to become a Harris Real Estate Coaching client, you get paid. And you continue getting paid for as long as that person (or maybe several of those agents who attended your one presentation) continues to be a Harris coaching client. Your one action has generated a recurrent revenue source that streams back to you.

Becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® enables you to have a recurrent revenue stream. How great for you to be able to create BOTH active and recurrent revenue streams by adapting what you already know and do by becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®. Check it out.

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