Hi Tim & Julie,

I wanted to say hello and thank you. I signed up as a Premier member only a week or so ago, and have picked up so many things, thanks so much!  Today I had a call from SmartZip, and while I don’t need much of what they have, I was almost lured into having them just give me a list of areas where they predict sellers will be.

In this area it’s a real challenge to get listings. I said “Call me back Friday” after I thought about it and talked to my husband. When they called today it was very easy for me to say ‘No thank you, I have a coach right now and I’m following their systems’. End of call. No regrets.

I’ve been in the business for almost 12 years.  I’m coming out of some tough times personally and professionally, but I feel like I’m rebuilding. Your podcasts are helping me with my structure, time management and motivation. I’m working on my home office now and have a business plan, as well as lots of leads from my company and past clients to followup on.

Love this program and looking forward to a high level of success this year!


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