Tim & Julie,

I signed up end of December/beginning of January for the coaching.   I have been struggling with getting into the coaching and the materials — you have so much incredible information and it’s overwhelming in every GOOD sense of the word!!!    I just listened to your podcast on my way to an appointment about “spouse and partnering” and even though I’ve “been there and done that” over the years, what resonated the most is your straight talk and the business books about profit and micromanaging.  The books you have recommended (I have read some of them and just purchased Jeb Blount’s book) and everything you say is COMPLETELY true.  I’m so excited to have found people/mentors, etc. after years of searching for the magic pill — and found it with you.
I’ve been in “the biz” full time for 18 years — had my license since 1988 and I feel that with the tools you have that I have yet to uncover, that this is going to be THE year for the brokerage I bought and the team I am leading.   So excited to start/continue my journey with you and your team there.
I was nervous the other day about “finding time” to read/listen/do what you are implementing… but I think I just found it within myself.
(Nora, It’s never to late to start on the right path! We’re so glad you found us and are glad you’re approaching this year with a new mindset about business and profit in real estate. We can’t wait to hear about your success, so keep in touch and let us know if there’s anything we can ever do for you. – Tim & Julie) 

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