Most common questions you’ll get:

  1. How’s real estate?
  2. How’s the market?
  3. How’s business?

Secret: Wear your name tag, your branded shirt, your hat, something that shows you’re IN real estate, and you’ll get more questions ABOUT real estate!

How NOT to answer the 2 most common questions:

Secret: beware of answers that don’t cause conversation, that are all about you, or full of drama.

  1. Worst mistake is to not talk about real estate at all…. no answer is the WORST answer.

2) ‘Slow’ or ‘Great’… equally as bad, these are one word answers which generate little to no conversation.

3) ‘I’m super busy!’… does this mean you’re too busy for the prospect? Are you too busy to handle more?

4) ‘I just had the craziest closing / seller / buyer / inspection / appointment!’… No one cares about this and you seem full of drama and ego to go on and on about your stressful situation.

5) ‘Nothing happens in the : winter / spring / summer / fall / ski season / school season / holiday du-jour…’

6) ‘It’s a bad time to sell / buy’… etc.

7) ‘When do you plan on selling?’… too direct for most people!

What are the BEST ANSWERS to the 2 most common real estate questions?

Secret: Use questions which cause conversation, and keep it all about being of service! What VALUE can you provide?

‘Real estate is great! What are YOU most interested in or curious about? Buying, selling, renting or maybe investing?’

‘Real estate is wonderful. I’ve been very blessed to have helped so many people recently. Who do YOU know who could use my help buying or selling property?’

‘Real estate is great…are you curious about the market in general or about the value of your home currently?’

Secret: Use follow up questions to drill down and dig deeper:

‘Tell me more about that’ -or-

‘Paint me a picture’ -or-

‘Ideally how does this move work out for you timing wise?’

Secret: This is a pattern you’ll use when speaking with your past clients, people in your center of influence, follow up on leads, receiving referrals, etc, so get good at this!

Secret: People want to work with other people who are enthusiastic, positive, focused on their needs and aren’t full of ego.

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