You’ve got real estate questions? We’ve got answers! Wondering how to pick the best broker, whether you should join or form a team, or maybe even that big existential question of whether you should be in real estate in the first place? In today’s podcast, we’re going to drill down with practical, tactical answers to help move your career forward!

How do I raise my average sale price / net commission?

There are only 3 ways.  Do all three.

  • Prospect Unrepresented sellers (FSBOs), Expireds, Withdrawns and Temporarily Off Market listings in the price ranges / neighborhoods you wish to break into.
  • Socially network (in person as well as online) with the types of people who live in the neighborhoods you wish to work in.  Volunteer at events, get on the HOA, etc.  Move there.
  • Marketing to these neighborhoods, however you must be prepared to be consistent with frequency and expenditure.

Can I succeed in a : Seller’s market / Buyer’s market / Changing market / Balanced market?

You can succeed in any type of market as long as you recognize what the market is willing to give you and update your skills accordingly.


  • In a competitive, seller’s market, if you expect your buyers to win, you must know how to write an offer that the seller will accept.  This assumes you find the right house for your buyer in the first place.
  • In a changing market, you must be extra sensitive to pricing strategies, setting seller’s expectations and being the one with the listing when it actually sells!
  • In a buyer’s market, you’ll have to manage more listings for a longer time frame. Communication systems and scripts are extra critical.

Do I need to work on my branding?

Do I need a fancy website? 

Do I need Facebook ads?

We’ll be discussing these last 3 points on-air, and providing you with examples of what works and what fails in real life. Remember, we’re all about tactical, practical & actionable solutions; that’s what we’ll be talking about with you today!

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