Iconic thinkers talk about the importance of coming to every experience, every person, every situation with new eyes…fresh eyes. Seeing the world and the people in it for the first time every day allows us to experiment, allows us to play, and allows us to learn.

Think about adapting your real estate expertise and knowledge to new situations, new experiences, new people and new venues with new, fresh eyes. Sure, you might be stepping outside of your tried and true comfort zone but you’d be stepping out with content and material you know like the back of your hand.

By becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®, you’d be presenting content, material, knowledge and expertise you know with fresh eyes. You’d be opening your mind to learning in new ways with new people with new experiences…you’d be creating your own growth mindset. Instead of using the same old, same old 30-40% of your capacity, you’d be using 80, 90 or even 100% of your capacity, depending upon how creative you allow your self to be.

Current research tells us again and again, just as iconic thinkers have told us for centuries, that having fresh eyes, also known as a growth mindset in today’s terminology, translates into having the most multi-faceted successful lives.

Try it. Become a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®.



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