Great leaders may or may not be born but great leaders know they have to improve their skills constantly.

Here are 6 things great leaders do in order to continue being great in an ever-changing world.

  1. Great leaders are kind without being weak. True kindness is an inherent strength. It’s direct, straightforward and comes without expectations. Truly kind leaders share credit and offer enthusiastic praise for other people’s work. There is nothing self-serving about true kindness.
  2. Great leaders are strong without being harsh. Strength that is earned is strength that is trusted. Strong leaders stay the course when things get tough, they watch over the group and they’re willing to make difficult decisions. Truly great leaders are courageous.
  3. Great leaders are confident without being cocky. Confident leaders ask others to do what they themselves are willing to do. Their confidence comes from believing in their passion as well as their ability to make things happen. Great leaders know that confidence is contagious, that their confidence will spread and grow inside everyone involved in the group effort.
  4. Great leaders remain realistic and optimistic. With the attitude of “I know we can do this,” great leaders adjust, adapt, persevere and continue moving forward.
  5. Great leaders are role models, not preachers. Great leaders demonstrate preferred behaviors and attitudes. Great leaders inspire trust, respect and admiration through their actions. Certainly, words matter but actions matter more.
  6. Great leaders are willing to take the bullet, the blame, the responsibility for their team, i.e. great leaders have their team’s back. Great leaders welcome challenges, different viewpoints, criticisms and know that environments in which team members aren’t allowed to speak up, experiment or ask questions are environments in which people are destined to eventually fail.

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