Being a new real estate agent is hard enough…being a new Millennial real estate agent is even harder because of stereotypical myths about Millennials, according to David Nimick, head of the Nimick Team, Inc., with Keller Williams Lincoln Park Realty in Chicago, writing recently for InmanNews.

Whatever the demographic group or stereotypes associated with demographics, Nimick offers tips to all new real estate agents…we here at Harris Real Estate Coaching think Nimick’s tips can be helpful to ALL agents regardless if new, returning and/or veteran agents. Take a look:

  1. Have the right mindset.
    1. Have patience – it takes time to acquire and assimilate knowledge, build a reputation and receive referrals.
    2. Being a real estate agent is all about helping others. Always watch out for your client’s best interests.
    3. Expect to work hard. Clients do not simply walk in the door…you have to go get them.
    4. Act professionally, tell the truth, be respectful, take the high road…always.
    5. Follow through on what you say and deliver when you say you’ll deliver…every time.
    6. Be prepared…real estate has unlimited potential and unlimited uncertainty.
    7. Remember that you are your business…be both candid and cautious in your self-promotion.
  2. Have a plan. The plan is about Who, How, and When.
    1. Who – make a spreadsheet of everyone you know as long as you have their cell number, email address, home address or social media links.
    2. How – create a communications plan that will enable you to express your knowledge, credibility and interest in Who.
    3. When – strategically and consistently create and implement your chosen process for contacting your Who many times throughout the year. (Gary Keller recommends that you contact your Who 36 times/year.
    4. If you consistently do a, b, and c above, chances are you’ll need an assistant so you can help more people implement their housing goals while you maintain top-level service to all of your Who’s.
  3. Be a life-long learner.
    1. Relentlessly study the market to gain knowledge and credibility. Yesterday’s market is yesterday’s market.
    2. Search for mentors/experts from whom you can learn and grow.
    3. Read books…business books, non-fiction books, and fiction books to create and maintain yourself as a multi-dimensional person.
  4. Be a concierge.
    1. Everyone wants to be taken care of. Concierges take care of people
    2. Anticipate your client’s needs and thoughts by being a good, attentive listener.
    3. Be your clients’ referral source for whatever they need (plumber, painter, roofer, etc.) The more your clients rely on you, the more they will be comfortable and trusting of you and the more your clients will refer others to you.
    4. Clients like to hear, “I’ve got this,” not reasons why you don’t.
  5. Be money smart.
    1. Make sure you have 9-12 months of living expenses saved…it takes time to make sales and get commission checks.
    2. Only spend money on things that give you a 5X return on your investment. Ask around among your mentors, coach, and colleagues.
    3. Make sure to set money aside for taxes…agents are 1099 independent contractors.
  6. Be time smart. The amount of time you spend with a client depends on how well you set their expectations.
    1. Ask them detailed questions upfront about their budget, timetable, number of rooms needed, location, etc.
    2. Share your process with your clients so they know you’re working for them.
    3. Know that every client is NOT a closed transaction.
    4. Pay attention, note any inconsistencies they might communicate, trust your instincts and note any unrealistic choices they might be making as a way to procrastinate or simply not do what they initially told you they wanted to do.

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