Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist and best-selling author, believes there is a big difference between getting to the top 5%-10% in one’s profession and getting to the top 1%. Essentially, getting to the top 5%-10% requires “merely a change in lifestyle” whereas getting to the top 1% “requires fundamental change.”

Hardy has outlined a two-phase, nine-step program to help people achieve their top 5%-10% goals as well as their top 1% goals. Take a look…

Phase I – helping you get to the top 5%-10%.

This is the level where you are paid enough to live on. Paul Graham calls this level the lowest level of profitability or “Ramen Profitability.”

  1. Start as an amateur.
    1. You have some raw talent.
    2. You are willing to put yourself out there…again and again and again.
    3. Eventually, the quantity of your effort becomes the quality of your effort.
    4. Remember, very few people have the humility to be and see themselves as an amateur. Instead, they procrastinate doing the work they “want” to do in the name of perfectionism and get caught up in “paralysis by analysis.”
  2. Get an education and get a coach.
    1. Hardy believes that getting an education and getting a coach are lifelong commitments.
    2. He believes that to excel, you must take your dreams seriously…”seriously enough to become amazing.”
  3. Stop living by the broken rules everyone is living by.
    1. Hardy believes popular rules are wrong.
    2. He believes in running toward what everyone else is running from.
    3. Hardy believes in creating your own rules and restructuring the game to “automate your success.”
  4. Be consistent until you have a break-through and then become even more consistent.
    1. Hardy believes that patience is key.
    2. Hardy believes that life is a marathon that tests your commitment and will.
    3. He believes that when you do something long enough and consistently enough, you will experience “the compounding effect.” Just as in a savings account with compound interest, when you do something consistently and long enough, your momentum will surge and your results will become exponential.
    4. Hardy believes that if you want it badly enough, you’ll do what it takes…you’ll take risks, get educated, be willing to look foolish.

Phase II – helping you become the best at what you do.

Experience is key here. Hardy believes that knowledge becomes wisdom when that knowledge is consistently and properly applied. And to become the best, Hardy believes you have to become “an innovator, a pioneer, an artist” at a level “where the probability of failure is high.”

  1. Structure your life in order to optimize your performance.
    1. Know that everything you do matters because everything either contributes or detracts from what you want to accomplish…what you eat…your friends…your activities…how you spend your time…your physical/intellectual/emotional well being.
    2. Focus on outputs, not inputs such as reading superfluous emails and Twitter feeds.
    3. Leverage your subconscious mind with journaling, meditation, yoga, etc.
  2. Less is more – focus on results, not being busy.
    1. Be 100% ON and 100% OFF – this allows you to live in the present tense and gives you the necessary time to rest and recover.
    2. As in your fitness program, being 100% ON and OFF helps you build stamina, endurance and strength.
  3. Develop a Pre-Performance Routine that excises fear and uncertainty and cultivates peace, acceptance and love.
  4. “The hero and the coward both feel the same thing…fear. It is what you do with it that matters.” Cus D’Amato
    1. “Mental resilience is arguably the most critical trait of a world-class performance and it should be nurtured continuously.” Josh Waitzkin, American chess player and martial arts competitor.
    2. “When feeling uncomfortable, that’s when you start feeling good. That’s where most people stop. But not you.” Benjamin Hardy.
  5. Become the best because of love, not fear or reward or duty…become the best out of love and a deep connection with humanity.

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