All short-term rental markets center around Airbnb. And at the center of Airbnb is Florida, the 2019 hot spot for short-term rentals in 2019.

Florida is home to seven cities with the most per capita rentals through Airbnb, according to a study from IPX1031, a 1031 exchange resource. IPX1031 analyzed 350 cities to find the most Airbnb properties from the growth of short-term rentals in their communities named AirDNN.

The cities with the most growth uptick in the number of rental listings through Airbnb since 2017 included:

– Charlotte NC            +54.7%

– Fresno CA                +54.4%

– Jacksonville FL        +54%

The cities with the most limited growth uptick in the number of rental listings through Airbnb included Chicago, Austin, Boston and Los Angeles. Washington DC has actually seen a decrease in the growth uptick of Airbnb rental listings.

The IPX1031 Insight blog reported, “Some of these (limited growth and decreasing number of Airbnb short-term rentals) cities have been dealing with tighter regulations and restrictions on Airbnbs, which may be the reason for these stagnated numbers.”

Here are the TOP Short-Term Rental Markets for 2019:

Airbnb listings/50,000

Miami Beach                       3,416

Kissimmee FL                     2,800

Bend OR                            1,659

Dayton Beach FL                1,108

Ashville NC                        1,042

Miami                                1,034

Atlanta GA                         1,017

Ft. Lauderdale FL                1,016

Orlando FL                         988

Hollywood FL                     984

Santa Fe NM                      982

Honolulu                           906

New Orleans                      889

Flagstaff AZ                       804

Indio CA                           784

Scottsdale AZ                    646

Newport Beach CA             643

Cathedral City CA               637

Charleston NC                    635

Portland OR                        600

Boulder CO                         573


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