In 2018 alone, wildfires ravaged 8,767,492 acres across the nation. Those 8,767,492 acres are the equivalent of 74 of the 75 largest cities in the US combined, according to CoreLogic.

This shift towards increasing burned acreage over the last 20 years has seen 8M acres burned per year nine times within the last 14 years.

CoreLogic recently compiled a list of the top 15 metro areas in which homes are at an elevated risk of wildfires. All 15 of these metro areas listed below are based upon a combined high/extreme wildfire risk and the Reconstruction Cost Value (RCV) of rebuilding:

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Metro Area     High Risk Residential Count        High Risk RCV

Los Angeles        121,589                                     $71.00B

Riverside             108,787                                     $40.94B

San Diego           75,096                                       $35.81B

Sacramento         68,056                                      $27.50B

Austin                  53,984                                      $16.35B

San Francisco       32,174                                       $16.32B

Denver                 49,734                                       $15.32B

Truckee                 31,987                                       $10.87B

Oxnard                  19,555                                      $10.17B

Colorado Springs     31,323                                      $9.36B

San Antonio            30,696                                      $8.43B

Santa Fe                 23,546                                      $7.28B

Redding                  21,057                                      $6.44B

Salinas                    11,314                                      $6.39B

Houston                   36,004                                      $6.27B

In a recent report by Redfin, this year’s fire season (so far) has been a “turning point” for residents. According to Lindsay Katz, a resident and Redfin agent, “It’s gotten so much worse, it didn’t used to happen every single year…people who live here and people buying homes here are getting fed up with the enduring smoke and enduring fire threats.”

This latest Redfin report indicated that seven of ten counties most at risk of losing housing value due to wildfires are in California:

– Los Angeles County – home to move than $1.2T worth         of properties

– Orange County – home to $502.6B worth of properties

– Santa Clara County – home to $448.5B worth of properties

– San Diego County – home to $417.6B worth of properties

All this being said, wildfires are NOT just California problems. The average acreage of burned land in the US has doubled in the last ten years from 3.3M to 7M acres, according to the National Interagency Coordination Center, the premier information source on fire statistics in the US.

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