At the recent REALTORS® Conference Expo in San Francisco, Marki Lemons Ryhal of ReMarkiTable LLC shared her top ten tips for shooting better marketing videos.

To underline consumer preferences for video, Facebook predicts that the majority of its messaging in five years will be video so it makes sense that Ryhal has spent hours perfecting her video skills. Ryhal said, “People (now) know me for creating content that resonates with them plus my face and voice have become familiar to them.”

Whether you’re making one-minute videos for your clients about a buying/selling tip or interviewing leaders in your community, make your videos as engaging as possible by incorporating some of Ryhal’s tips into your video marketing.

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  1. Find the right equipment.
    1. Ryhal recommends starting to shoot video on your smartphone.
    2. Once comfortable with your smartphone, get affordable add-ons to your smartphone such as tripods,, camera lights and microphones.
  2. Brainstorm your content.
    1. Rybal encourages you to think of every question you’ve ever been asked about real estate and then answer those questions. For example, explain what a home inspector does. Explain appraisals.
    2. Ryhal encourages you to “…become the source of the source.”
  3. Use pre-moistened lens wipes to clean your camera lens…each time you shoot…to ensure a clear image.
  4. Elevate your smartphone so you get your best angle on film. Just as you elevate your smartphone for a selfie to your eye level or a bit higher, do the same when you’re shooting a video.
  5. Get clear, better audio.
    1. Ryhal uses a lavaliere mic when doing interviews.
    2. Use a mic you can plug into the smart[hone via a USB port.
    3. Ryhal uses a headset mic when recording her video podcast.
  6. Lights
    1. Ryhal attaches a ring light to her phone for her on-the-go videos.
    2. Ryhal uses a 24-inch ring lift attached to a tripod for her in-office, at-home videos.
    3. When shooting in the sunlight, make sure the light is behind the smartphone or camera, not behind you.
  7. Check your speed.
    1. You can get a free analysis of internet access performance metrics by going to
  8. Invest in a selfie stick that can be converted into a tripod and make sure the tripod can connect with the smartphone either horizontally or vertically.
  9. Because you want the viewer to feel as though you’re talking to them, look directly into the lens.
  10. Make sure to repurpose your videos.
    1. Ryhal suggests posting your videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
    2. Transcribe your videos into blog posts.
    3. Transcribe your audio into podcasts or as Amazon’s Alexa Flash briefings.

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