Rather than adding more New Year’s resolutions to your to-do list, consider these four ideas that may stimulate your thoughts and actions in this coming year and decade.

  1. Learn what consumers really
    1. People do everything online with their phone today so it’s more than time for you to think and act in a mobile-first world.
    2. Consumers want to search for homes, apply for financing, submit documents and get process updates on-demand on their phones.
      1. If you don’t facilitate all of these buying and selling factors online, you are an obstruction.
      2. Think about what consumers do, think about what consumers want and need – not what you want and need – and then figure out how to deliver their wants and needs in this mobile-first world.

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  2. Be visible
    1. You and your business must be easily found online.
    2. In any market, be that market slowing or accelerating, consumers need to be impressed that you are a local expert, that you are both likable AND credible, and that you have what it takes to buy and/or sell their $1M home.
    3. Social media IS the internet.
      1. If you are not present on social media, recognize the reality that your competition is present on social media.
      2. Put yourself on social media networks – consistently and often.
      3. Posting is currently free (videos, articles, content) on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok…likely it won’t be free in the future so take advantage of this NOW.
  1. Do MORE video.
    1. Video is the next best thing to being face-to-face with a prospect.
    2. Video is THE most effective way to be seen, found and known online because consumers can actually see how you communicate via your words and your body language.
    3. Getting 1,000 people to see you via your videos is completely doable.
    4. Video is how connections are made in our contemporary world.
    5. Your personality and quirks are what people connect with and relate to.
    6. Think about doing a combination of recorded, edited videos for Facebook, You Tube and HGTV.
  2. Learn about Facebook ads
    1. According to HousingWire’s Dustin Brahm, creating Facebook ads is like “pouring gas on your brand’s online reach.”
    2. Brahm believes that by spending $50-$300/month on Facebook ads, agents can exponentially increase their video views, logo, brand and business recognition by the thousands due to the platform’s extensive reach.
    3. Why don’t more agents utilize Facebook ads? Because it takes time and money to learn how to become comfortable and effective with the medium…therefore, take a course, go to a workshop, fire a coach or do all three so you can learn how to use this tool.

Brahm sees all of these ideas as investments in yourself and your business. Why make such investments? So you can learn how to control your business, get your own leads without having to buy them, grow your brand and grow your online exposure. By learning how to put your self in charge of your business, you will have the ability to generate your own clients and your own business now and throughout the coming decade.


Thanks to HousingWire’s Dustin Brahm for thought and action stimulation.

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