Looking outside of California and New York, here are the nine states that made the list of the most expensive zip codes in the US during 2019. These nine states on this latest Property Shark most expensive zip code list (excluding zip codes in New York and California) include Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, Nevada, New Jersey, Arizona, Florida, Maryland and New Hampshire.

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When including California and New York, the two most expensive zip codes are Atherton CA at number 1, zip code 94027 and a median sale price of $7M and Sagaponack NY at number 2, zip code 11962 and with a median sale price of $4.3M.

The question for 2020, will these zip codes hold their respective median sale prices?

Ranking       Zip       City              County      State          Median Sale Price

6               2199     Boston           Suffolk      MA                $3.669M

12           98039      Medina           King        WA                 $3.2M

30           33109     Miami Beach     Miami-Dade  FL             $2.4M

46            3871      Rye Beach         Rockingham  NH           $1.9M

53           7620        Alpine              Bergen      NJ               $1.785M

55          89413       Glenbrook        Douglas     NV               $1.76M

64           8902        Crystal Bay      Washoe      NV               $1.685M

70          6878         Riverside         Fairfield      CT                $1.63M

71         6810          Old Greenwich  Fairfield      CT               $1.62M

80         98040       Merced Isl.        King           WA              $1.538M

85         7723         Deal                Monmouth    NJ               $1.5M

90         2481        Wellesley Heights  Norfolk     MA              $1.474M

93        85253       Paradise Valley    Maricopa    AZ               $1.461M

95        6830         Greenwich         Fairfield       CT                $1.45M

98        2493         Weston              Middlesex    MA               $1.437M

100      21056       Gibson Isl.         Anne Arundel   MD           $1.401M


Thanks to Fortune’s Chris Morris and Property Shark for source data.

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