Key Highlights

-Words of advice from Cara Ameer, top producer, 18-year vet and licenses in Florida and California

  • Translate being a client-centered agent into becoming an agent-centric leader

Just as you are a successful client-centered real estate agent, become an agent-centric team leader agent and/or real estate broker, advises Cara Ameer, a broker associate and global luxury agent with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Florida.

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You already know that being client-centered means being service-centered with and towards your clients. You already know that your clients’ goals and needs come first, before your own. You already know that being a client-centered real estate agent means being a successful real estate agent.

Ameer calls this client centeredness in which your clients’ goals and needs come first agent-centeredness or agent-centric and having a “servant mentality,” a mentality that enables you to better listen to, be attentive towards and become immediately responsive to the goals and needs of your clients as your top priority.

Ameer transfers that same “servant mentality” to your team members/agents when you become a team leader and/or broker. Your team members’, your agents’ goals and needs come first, before your own. Your team members, your agents’ goals and needs are your top priority.

How do you show your team members/agents that they come first with you, that they are your top priority? The same way your show your clients…

  • By actively listening to, paying attention to and being immediately responsive to your team members/agents
  • By being readily accessible and available to your team members/agents
  • By being transparent with your team members/agents so they have the most up-to-date information during the best of times, the worst of times and all the times in between so they can most effectively and efficiently do their jobs
  • By being consistently calm and non-reactive to information, uncontrollable changes due to natural disasters and/or health conditions/threats
  • By being completely ethical in all your dealings with your team members/agents even when “no one is looking.”

And how do you inspire your team members/agents to constantly strive for improvement and NOT be dependent upon you to generate all the answers, all the leads/business or all the ideas that define the excellence of your team and agent efforts?

  • By cultivating an environment of collaboration rather than competitiveness
  • By cultivating an environment of support and trust that encourages people to experiment without any threat of retribution if/when failure occurs
  • By modeling transparent communications strategies that encourage and show your team members/agents how to openly share information/ideas and collaborate with each other to execute their common goals
  • By cultivating an environment that embraces change and adaptation rather than the “same ole way of doing things.”

And how do you as the agent-centric team leader/broker who models this “slave mentality” towards your team members and agents take care of yourself and your own goals and needs?

  • By embracing the visionary ideas and support of your own coach and/or mentor.

Just as you know your coach and/or mentor is there for you, your team members/agents will know that you and your visionary ideas are there for them.

Thanks to Cara Ameer and her article published in InmanNews.

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