Key Takeaways

  • 71% of consumers having positive brand experience on social media likely to recommend that brand to friends and families
  • According to National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 67% of potential consumers found their real estate agents via referrals from friends and family
  • 81% of US population has one social media profile and +50% have two or more

During this time of more work and social isolation, consistently engaging with consumers and brand building on social media platforms are more important than ever. Here are the top 10 social median sites for businesses, according to Lyfe Marketing:

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  1. Facebook
    1. No surprise here. Facebook’s some 2.5B daily worldwide users have made the site the most actively used of all social media sites.
    2. You can target users by age, gender, employment, interests, groups, purchasing behaviors, relationship status, educational background, locations, etc.
    3. You can target your ads and content in their targeted newsfeeds based upon your user targeting.
    4. You have to pay to play for Facebook advertising.
  2. Facebook Messenger
    1. As part of Facebook, you must download the Facebook Messenger app separately to use it.
    2. As part of Facebook, Facebook Messenger has same access to the parent company’s giant user base and advertising platform.
    3. Messenger sends automated message that you’ve created back to a person who’s messaged your business page to build and enhance consumer trust in you.
  3. Instagram
    1. 500M daily users/day and also owned by Zuckerberg with same user base and advertising platform BUT without having to pay for advertising campaigns as you do with Facebook
    2. This is a visual platform so you only publish posts that include photos and videos.
    3. Know that people remember 80% of what they see!
  4. Pinterest
    1. 81% of Pinterest’s 291M monthly active users are women.
    2. 67% of home search viewers are women.
    3. This advertising platform less advanced than Facebook’s but its reach by amount of keywords used can grow without having to pay extra ad dollars
  5. Snapchat
    1. 350M monthly active users, 203M daily active users and 71% of users under 34 year old
    2. Snapchat shares Instagram’s advantage of visual content (videos/photos)
    3. Snapchat sends directly to another user and can be viewed once for up to 24 hours as a Snapchat on a Story.
  6. YouTube
    1. 2B monthly users; +30M daily active users
    2. Owned by Google
    3. Optimizes YouTube videos by using Google’s keywords tool
  7. Twitter
    1. 336M monthly active users
    2. Can post photos and videos with “character-limited” copy
    3. Best know for “live-tweeting” with real-time updates so great for posting new listings
    4. Platform uses hashtags so you can piggyback users who looking at, for example, 3-bedroom houses in Wichita
  8. LinkedIn
    1. 303M monthly users
    2. Considered platform for business and people who working so there is usually more information about their working lives, employers, specific job titles, work email addresses
    3. Advertising platform (pay to play) targets more job titles/positions than Facebook though not as advanced.
  9. TikTok
    1. 2B worldwide users and 500M monthly users so larger than Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn
    2. Allows users to create and share 15-second video clip.
    3. Allows you to use its advertising through influencers.
  10. Yelp
    1. 178M monthly visitors who want word-of-mouth assurance that you and your business provide and deliver positive service and help them meet their home buying/selling goals
    2. Helps you maintain and enhance your business reputation and branding.

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