Key Highlights

  • Real estate agents have more hoops to jump through as independent contractors than employees who file W-2 forms
  • Justin Holliday, Oklahoma City-based attorney and tax wizard, talked with InmanNews about filing accurate tax returns
  • ALSO know that the IRS plans to postpone this year’s filing deadline due to the coronavirus.  No date had been specified as of posting this piece.
  • Know this post is NOT tax advice…see your own accountant, CPA, tax attorney and/or tax expert to ensure you file accurate tax forms

What tax forms do real estate agents file?

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  • Real estate agents are usually independent contractors and file Schedule C on 1040 personal returns.

What is a Schedule C?

  • The Schedule C form attaches to the 1040 form
  • Schedule C documents the profits (income)/loss (expenses) from the business
  • If the business name is different from one’s personal name, list the business name, business address, business code, etc.

What expenses require recordkeeping?

  • The short answer – ALL expenses
  • Travel expenses – auto/mileage expenses when showing/viewing properties, when meeting potential buyers/sellers, when flying/attending business meetings/conferences
  • Marketing expenses – business cards, advertising, photography, content creation, website development, equipment (phones, computers, software packages, website development, etc.
  • Holliday recommends separate business accounts and/or business credit cards to make recordkeeping more organized, efficient and less time consuming.

Is there a difference between personal and business deductions?

  • Personal deductions require Schedule A form to report property taxes, state taxes withheld, paid mortgage interest, medical expenses, charitable donations – permissible to take “standard deduction” on Schedule A form
  • Itemized business expenses require Schedule C form

How to calculate and save for quarterly estimated tax payments?

  • Because agents often have roller- coaster months in terms of income, Holliday advises agents to “…plan on holding back at least 15-20% on every check.”
  • Holliday also advises agents to make quarterly estimated tax payments to ease having to pay one giant end-of-year single payment
  • Quarterly tax estimates are based upon estimates – what he/she thinks she/he might earn at year’s end
  • One pays that estimate in quarterly increments prior to filing a return

Any tax code changes from 2018 to 2019?

  • No major changes – the big one was reflected in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018

What to do now if an agent is behind in filing taxes?

  • Just because someone/anyone including a real estate agent hates doing their taxes, NO ONE is exempt from filing returns.  EVERYONE is required by law to file tax returns and payments every year.
  • Gather together and organize every piece/slip of paper that relates to tax filing and payment and take it all to a professional to file current and unpaid back tax returns.

If not prepared to file returns/payments prior to deadline, file an extension along with estimated tax payment.

  • Even if estimated tax payment is not accurate, Holliday suggests that agents file for an extension now and then subsequently file a correct/accurate return later.
  • Inaccurate returns (due to poor record keeping and/or hurrying to finish the return) may translate into paying more than necessary or getting smaller refunds than one might be entitled to receive back from the IRS
  • Inaccurate returns can also translate into having less leverage with the IRS if the IRS audits one’s returns.

Thanks to Inman’s Marian McPherson and Justin Holliday for source data.

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