1. Communicate WAY more than normal with: Active listings, motivated buyers, pendings, leads.

2. You need MORE leads, more appointments. Expect nervousness from sellers and buyers, no-show’s, reschedules, etc. Overcompensate with more follow up, more confirming, more contact.

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3. Track interest rates and talk to all of your past clients, centers of influence, leads. Great excuse for relentless lead follow up.

4. Increase your Magic Number by 25%.

5. Know the finance situations more clearly than you normally do on all of your own buyers as well as the ones buying your listings. Beware of the boiler plate lender’s letter.

6. Be the leader. The calm in the storm, the light in the fog. When people lack information and lack leadership, they tend to do nothing. Be their resource so they can stay focused and move forward.

7. Make lemonade out of lemons. Pop by’s with hand sanitizer and tissues. ‘Germs can be scary but real estate doesn’t have to be!’

8. Know that this will pass and we’ll be on to the next thing soon enough. Persevere. Avoid politics, sanitize your environment as well as your mindset.

9. Downsize your business expenses. Start by stopping the over payment of your current broker…

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