Key Highlights

  • New model for future of urban residential real estate development by former employees of cutting edge companies
  • Started in mid-2019, goal to build apartments for future of urbanization that safe from health threats, that supports diversity, that ADA compliant, that engage with their neighborhoods and neighbors
  • First vertically aligned development platform and first Real Estate Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Assembling a team of experts from companies such as Apple, Tesla, Nest Goldman Sachs, Turner Construction, Related and Tishman Speyer requires expertise, talent and forward thinking. Applying that expertise, talent and forward thinking to the goal of creating real estate development best suited to the combination of digital, analog, and natural worlds for the future of urban living is Juno Residential.

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Juno Residential approaches the real estate development process the same way companies approach product development for user, in this case, the resident. Juno looks to deliver to the resident with four core domains:

  • Sustainability with mass timber to structure the building, insulated exterior walls to minimize energy loss, energy-efficient systems and no natural gas
  • Resident Wellness with design priorities around natural light and air, greenery, high ceilings, antimicrobial surfaces, adaptive lighting and ADA compliance
  • Organically Connected for digital, analog and natural world around living spaces, hubs for appliances/devices connectivity, software to support neighborhood and small business connectivity and hardware to determine flow in and out of building
  • Democratized design for new levels of affordability and accessibility via consistent componentization, decentralized manufacturing, dynamic on/off site assembly and aligned value chains for residents and community.

The co-founders of Juno Residential are Jonathan Scherr, BJ Siegel, Marshall Everett and Chester Chipperfield.

This start-up could be an opportunity for forward thinking real estate agents. With the economy and the real estate industry in the midst of chaotic and disruptive change, there is no one single “right” answer to current challenges. Juno may be one answer.


Thanks to Jonathan Scherr and

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