Key Highlights

  • ShowingTime Index measures demand by comparing number of showings, both virtual and in-person, to number of available properties
  • Index uses January 2014 as baseline at score of 100
  • More views/property, higher index score

The ShowingTime Showing Index measures demand for both for-sale and for-rent properties. Brokerages and agents use this service to book home showing appointments. The more booked appointments, the higher the index scores.

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ShowingTime uses January 2014 with a baseline score of 100 as a basis of comparison. The higher the number of showing appointments, the higher the score. According to The New York Times, many brokerages use this service to book home showings including Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, Century 21, Douglas Elliman, Compass, Redfin and others.

In September 2020, ShowingTime indicates there were approximately 7M show bookings nation-wide making the total number of home showings just over 60M. Below you are looking at the number of home showings just in New York City.

Mike Lane, president of ShowingTime, said that the home booking appointment service is a “forward-looking index.” “There aren’t that many (indexes) that are giving you a feel for what’s happening for upcoming sales.”

Date           # Appts.             Prior Year                  % Change

10/2019            112                    106                        +6%

11/2019            105                    95                          +10%

12/2019            96                       88                          +8%

1/2020              153                    128                         +20%

2/2020              160                    133                          +21%

3/2020              128                    157                           -18%

4/2020              85                       147                          -42%

5/2020              166                    136                           +22%

6/2020              191                    127                            +50%

7/2020              200                    124                            +62%

8/2020              199                    122                            +63%

9/2020              185                    112                            +64%


12-month          148                    123                             +21%



Source: ShowingTime Showing Index 

Thanks to ShowingTime and The New York Times.

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