Key Highlights

  • Cities with tech jobs likely to be among strongest markets in 2021
  • Relative affordability and millennial homebuyers expected to be drivers of strong markets
  • report has top 10 rankings

A just released report from considers factors that will contribute to strong housing markets in 2021. The report explains, “A common driver of this year’s top markets is the prevalence of high paying tech jobs.”

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Ultimately, factors such as there being a large number of millennial homebuyers and relative affordability will likely “…lead the nation in a year when real estate is expected to be strong coast to coast.”

This report ranked Sacramento CA number one in its top 10 housing markets for 2021. Factors such as a combination of projected home price growth and sales growth, relative affordability, good schools and the region’s proximity to the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and Napa Valley’s wine country contributed to Sacramento coming out on top.

Here are’s predictions about the top 10 strongest 2021 markets in the US:

  • Sacramento CA
    • Median home price – $554,000
    • Projected price change – +7.4%
  • San Jose CA
    • Median home price – $1,199,050
    • Projected price change – +10.8%
  • Charlotte NC
    • Median home price – $368,820
    • Projected price change – +5.2%
  • Boise ID
    • Median home price – $445,00
    • Projected price change – +9.1%
  • Seattle WA
    • Median home price – $629,050
    • Projected price change – +9.7%
  • Phoenix AZ
    • Median home price – $412,260
    • Projected price change – +7%
  • Harrisburg PA
    • Median home price – $262,000
    • Projected price change – +3.8%
  • Oxnard CA
  • Denver CO
  • Riverside CA


You’ll note that all these cities have good local economies, tech-oriented jobs and space for homebuyers who want more indoor and outdoor space for remote working/learning and less density.

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