ALL the drama is on the buyer side.

The listing agent ALWAYS wins.

Developments on the buyer side:

1. Buyer’s Agents VOLUNTEERING to chip in some or all of their commission just to win in a competitive bidding scenario.

2. Listing Agents reducing buyer side commissions in the MLS.

3. Builders reducing buyer commissions, sometimes to 0%.

4. Listing Agents / Sellers asking buyer’s agent to chip in or eliminate their buyer side commission DURING negotiations so they’ll accept the offer.

5. Buyers having to be asked to pay out of pocket for buyer agent commissions.

6. Buyers are asking to finance the buyer side commission into their loan.

7.  Buyers getting sick of losing and going directly to listing agent.

8. Buyers paying sellers a cash bonus to accept their offer.

9. Zillow eroding buyer side commissions as well as re-routing leads to in-house agents.

10. Buyers getting licensed themselves to create commission and / or negotiate for themselves.


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