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  • This Part IV on Digital Home Showings focuses on tools and tech
  • Hardware part is eas

Most Digital Showings Use Easy Tec

The last of this four-part series on the Inman Handbook on Digital Home Showings focuses on tools and tech.

The good news is that most digital showings are taken on a smartphone along with a tripod or stabilizer.  Why not?  It’s what Zillow, 3D Homes, BoxBrownie, Yaza, Vuseand even Matterportuse.

Most Mobile and Browser Apps Can Do “Extras”

Some companies, Asterroom for one, provide rotating mounts and cameras with smartphones.

The majority of these apps can utilize room-by-room prompts, shot suggestions, 24-hour turnarounds, bracketing and editing, and even graphic overlays and in-tour highlights.

Cameras and Accessories to Check Out

Inman suggests products from Ricoh, Insta360, Vuze, GoPro, DJI, Kodak and Garmin.

Also check out Real Vision, TruPlace Real Estate Shows, Open House Live, Matterport, HomeRover, NodalView and Planitar’s iGuide.  These are good options so provide your digital viewers with supporting content like photos, floor plans and even multi-user tours.

Social Media-Based Live Streaming Options

Facetime, Twitch, Periscope, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live and others can all be used to perform digital showings.

The important thing here is to use solutions that are easy for both you and your viewers to use.

Biggest Hurdle with Digital Showings is Your Trepidation in Creating/Using Them

Chances are that you’re likely over being uncomfortable with digital showings now that you’re an experienced Zoom, TikTok and Instagram Stories user.  So,just like Nike says, “Just do it.”


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