Todays show is PART 2 of ‘End The Buyer Agent Abuse!’ Listen to today’s show only if you want the cold hard truth about the (near term) challenges facing buyer agents. The simple fact is that being primarily focused on buyers may simply not be a viable business model in this market. Understand, over the next 3-5 years the market may tilt back in favor of buyers. Until then, the downward pressure on buyer agents commissions is real. Add to this the historic INcrease in new agents that is coming now. Most new agents are giving the (very very bad) advice to focus on buyers. That means that not only is their a lack of homes to sell, not only is their a downward commision trend for buyer agents, but now the number of agents competing for buyers is projected to increase in 3-5x. Listen now to learn how to help your buyers WIN the home and stay relevant.

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