Key Highlights

  • eXp Realty’s global agent count exceeded 50,000 in Q1 2020
  • Cloud-based firm also announced company expansion into six new international markets including Hong Kong

EXp RealtyContinues Its Record-Breaking Expansions in Q1 2021

EXp Realty,a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, continued its 2020 record-breaking results into Q1 2021.  Recognized by industry experts as one of the fastest growing real estate tech companies in the world, eXp Realty‘s revenue increased +84% y/y to $1.8B in 2020

EXp Agent Count Exceeded 50,000 in Q1 2021

Building upon eXp Realty’s agent growth of +40,000 in 2020, this “speak softly, carry a big stick” real estate brokerage expanded its agent count to more than 50,000 in Q1 2021.

According to Jason Gesing, eXp’s CEO, said, “Our growth trajectory is a huge validation of our agent-centric value proposition. Agents are drawn to our innovative, cloud-based model with clear financial incentives and unrivaled technology and training.  We are grateful to our incredible agents for championing the platform and helping us transform the real estate industry for agents and consumers alike.  We are thrilled to enter the second quarter having achieved this critical milestone.”

EXp Realty Expands Its Real Estate Operations into Six New International Locations during Q1 2021

As of Q1 2021, eXp Realty’s+50,000 agents operated in six new international locations including France, Portugal, Mexico, India, South Africa and, most recently, Hong Kong.

These six new international  locations joined eXp Realty’sreal estate operations in eleven other locations across the globe including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil,  and Italy.

Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global and the leader of the brokerage’s international expansion, said that Hong Kong is one of four markets the company has identified for broad expansion within the country’s well-populated neighborhoods.

Kingly Choi, a real estate professional with +15 years of experience in various Asian real estate markets, holds the reins as the Managing Director and Broker for eXp Hong Kong. 

eXp Realty Also Announces More Geographic Expansion in Q2 2021

Looking to be fully operational in 16 countries during Q2 2021, eXp Realtyexpects to launch additional real estate operations in Colombia, Spain and Israel this quarter.

As it has in the past, eXp just may exceed its announced Q2 2021 expectations in all aspects of its operations.  Watch this space for further happenings by this understated, over-delivering real estate brokerage.


Thanks to eXp Realty.


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