Key Highlights

  • eXp Realty just announced its expansion into Columbia
  • Spain and Israel to follow in June 2021

eXp Realty Now Operates in 14 Countries & Territories

eXp World Holdings, the holding company for eXp Realty, just announced that eXp Realty expanded into Columbia.

eXp Realty is now operating in 14 countries and territories around the world with more than 50,000 agents.

eXp CEO Glenn Sanford Talks Growth Opportunities in Coming Year

In a recent RealTrends podcast with eXp World Holdings CEO and co-founder, Glenn Sanford was unequivocal about the company’s growth opportunities in 2021…international markets.

Sanford said, “Right now, international is probably our new big focus. Obviously, domestically in the US, we’ve got a pretty good percentage of the agent base – something like 3% to 4% of agents, which means that one in every 25 agents is an eXp agent…so internationally, I think that’s going to be our big growth opportunity.”

eXp Realty Launching in Columbia

Michael Valdes, president of eXp Global, said, “The response to our announcement to launch in Colombia has been overwhelming.  With a history of strong housing price growth, a strong focus on digital infrastructure and a culture of entrepreneurship, we see incredible opportunity in Columbia.”

Columbia is first of three markets for eXp’s global expansion efforts in Q2 2021.  The openings of markets in Spain and Israel are also slated for Q2 2021.

eXp Realty opened markets in Puerto Rico, Italy, Hong Kong and Brazil during Q1 2021.

Santiago Carrizosa to Lead eXp’s Columbia Brokerage Operations

As the managing broker in eXp’s Columbian brokerage operations, Santiago Carrizosa sees tremendous investment opportunities in Columbia with its stable real estate market and almost inherent international buyers.

Carrizosa said, “…there (is) a tremendous need for the implementation of efficient tools and models in (the country’s) real estate sector.  With the opening of eXp Columbia, we are looking to transform the way we sell and buy real estate, breaking down barriers and obsolete models.”


Thanks to eXp World Holdings and RealTrends.


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