Key Highlights

  • Buyers jumping into housing market earlier than “usual”
  • Midwest and Northeast are hottest markets

“It’s Pure Madness

We keep hearing the same phrase from longtime agents throughout the country, “I’ve been doing real estate for 20 years in this area, and I’ve never seen a market like this.”

This most recent comment, “It’s pure madness,” comes from Joelle Sturms, a realtor with Better Homes & Garden, Masiello Group in Concord MA.  What does “madness” mean?  Multiple offers and homes selling for thousands over the listing price.

Strum added, “They almost don’t care what the prices are.  I feel bad for our local buyers because first-time buyers are priced out.”

Midwest is First Market to Heat Up

Danielle Hale, Chief Economist with®, said, “The Midwest is the area where we see really strong seasonal patterns, because those markets cool off more dramatically than other markets do in the winter.

According to the latest analysis of®, the national median price was $375,000 in April 2021.   New listings were down -25% from the 2017-2019 average but reluctant sellers are beginning to ease back into the market as vaccination rates are rising.’s® Hot List in April 2021

Metro                     Y/Y RankChange   Median ListPrice

  1. Manchester NH         +2                    $400,000
  2. Concord NH             +22                   $379,000
  3. Lafayette IN             +1                    $303,000
  4. Janesville WI           +19                   $258,000
  5. Elkhart IN                +35                  $150,000
  6. Columbus OH           -1                     $315,000
  7. Topeka KS                 0                     $157,000
  8. Portland ME              +58                  $462,000
  9. Vallejo CA                 -3                     $545,000
  10. Rochester NY            +16                  $264,000
  11. Springfield OH           +17                  $180,000
  12. Worcester MA             +7                   $390,000
  13. Yuba City CA              -1                    $400,000
  14. Jefferson City MO        +83                 $213,000
  15. Springfield MA            +40                 $372,000
  16. Madison WI                +17                  $392,000
  17. Eureka CA                   +97                 $469,000
  18. Colorado Springs CA     -17                  $494,000
  19. Stockton CA                  -2                  $499,000
  20. Santa Cruz CA              +6                  $1,190,000


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