7. You showed up late. This is a huge mistake. Arriving late shows disrespect and will mean that you are already on bad footing before you even open your mouth. Secret: It’s not just analytical types that look to see if you’re on time. Show up early and don’t park in their driveway. Call first to confirm! Be the professional if you expect to be paid like one. 

8. You didn’t use a pre-listing package. Without a great, proven Pre-Listing Package, you’re signing yourself up to hear objections at the end of your presentation, instead of closing at the end of your presentation. Handle all objections before you get there so all you have to do is talk about pricing, answer questions, your light presentation and close. 

9. You didn’t close at all. If you find yourself walking out the door saying, “okay, I’ll follow up in a few days…” You’re not closing. 


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