Superstar Interview: Daily Success Game

Your daily goal is to earn at least 50 points.

The accumulation of real work in real estate is what leads to consistent, predictable
income. Remember, you have only ‘worked’ when you’ve scored at least 50 points each
day. Each item is worth five points.

1. Take a listing – 5 points
2. Sign a buyer to buyer agency – 5 points
3. Sell a listing – 5 points
4. Put a buyer in the contract – 5 points
5. Prequalify a Seller Prospect – 5 points
6. Prequalify a Buyer Prospect – 5 points
7. Set a listing appointment – 5 points
8. Call back 100% of your leads – 5 points
9. Talk to five past clients – 5 points
10. Talk to five people from your COI – 5 points
11. Talk to five Asset Managers – 5 points
12. Get a Short Sale Approval – 5 points
13. Complete five BPOs – 5 points
14. Attend a COI event and add five new COI contacts to your database – 5 points
15. Talk to five expired listings – 5 points
16. Talk to five FSBOs – 5 points
17. Send a referral with signed referral docs – 5 points
18. Receive a referral with signed referral forms – 5 points
19. Hold a home buying or selling seminar or webinar – 5 points
20. Get a price reduction of 5% or more on one of your listings – 5 points
21. Listen to the Tim and Julie Harris Daily Motivational Message – 5 points

Remember, your goal is to earn 50 points each and every day.

Let’s get rolling with an example. You sell one of your listings = 5 points. The same day
you prequalify a new buyer = 5 points. The buyer signs an agency contract (5 more
points). You’ve got 15 points so far!

The entire Daily Success Game system is available to HARRIS Coaching Members. 

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