Review Part I of this series for foundational business tenets and commission splits. Part II focuses on eXp’s revenue sharing and equity offers to agents.

eXp Realty’s Business/Growth Model Built Upon Peer-to-Peer Recruitment

One of the key foundational tenets of eXp Realty’s business and growth model stresses its peer-to-peer agent recruitment model.  This system is designed to encourage grassroots recruitment efforts of agents.

Such peer-to-peer grassroots recruitment efforts work for every kind of “selling” effort.  Think word-of-mouth “selling” from people you trust/respect about restaurants, movies and yes, even political campaigns.  After all, don’t you trust people you know who have shared values/motivations and similar sensibilities when they suggest you check out some business, someone and/or something more than you trust people or ads or third-party entities you don’t know?

It’s the same with real estate brokerages.  EXp Realty ‘s business and growth model is built upon people you, as an individual real estate agent and/or team member, know and trust who share your values/motivations/goals and sensibilities.

Here’s How eXp Realty’s Revenue Sharing Incentive Program Works

Once you yourself become an eXp Realty agent, every time you recruit and bring an agent to eXp and that new agent generates a closed sale, you will receive a percentage of the 20% commission split revenue that goes to eXp.    In other words, eXp will pay you a percentage of the 20% commission eXp earns when “your” new eXp agent closes a sale.

This percentage of eXp’s 20% commission split is based upon Gross Commission Income (GCI).  This GCI is calculated monthly and is paid to you as the recruiting/referring/peer-to-peer agent on a monthly basis.  This calculation is transparent…you never have to guess what that percentage “shoulda/woulda/coulda” be.

Bottom line for you as an eXp Realty agent is that you are paid every time you close a sale with a minimum 80% commission split until you cross the threshold of making 20 sales and then you are paid a commission of 100% for your efforts.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, every time you recruit a new agent to eXp Realty and that new agent generates a closed sale, you get a percentage of the 20% commission split earned by eXp on that sale…PAID TO YOU DIRECTLY by eXp Realty. 

Your percentage of eXp’s 20% commission comes to you as passive income.  Passive because you don’t have to do anything actively to generate that sale except actively recruit agents you know and respect to become eXp agents.

Obviously, the more highly motivated, productive agents you recruit to become eXp agents, the more your passive income will become.

Here’s How eXp Realty’s Equity Program Works

You as an eXp Realty agent will receive stock in the company’s publicly-traded arm with the ticker tape symbol of EXPI when…

  • You close your first sale in each year – $200 in stock
  • Your sponsored agent closes her/his first sale – $400 in stock
  • You hit an annual cap – $400 in stock
  • You reach ICON status – $16,000 in stock

You as an eXp Realty agent can take up to 5% of your annual earned commissions in EXPI stock at a 10% discount.

And, of course, you can as an individual buy stock in EXPI to your heart’s (and your wallet’s) content.

Thanks to eXp Realty.

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