New report from DeedClaim indicates 24 of 149 US metros experiencing housing shortage right now. Phoenix seeing shortfall of nearly 4,700 housing units.

Historically Affordable Phoenix Now Shy of Nearly 4.7K Homes

As more and more businesses and workers flow out of coastal, high-taxed cities and states, more and more relatively affordable metros are experiencing housing shortages.

A new report from DeedClaim, a software firm that does online deed preparation work, indicates that Phoenix is experiencing the most severe housing shortage in the country.

Phoenix, a metro that has been historically affordable for both individuals and businesses and is now experiencing skyrocketing job growth and in-migration, tops the list of 24 metros experiencing housing shortages in the country with a shortfall of nearly 4.7K units.

Top Ten Metros of 24 Metros Without Enough Housing Units

According to DeedClaim 24 of 149 metros in the US are experiencing housing shortages.  Phoenix, with its shortage of  nearly -4,700 housing units, tops this list.

The top 10 metros on this list experiencing housing shortages include:

  • Phoenix AZ           – 4,698 units
  • Dallas TX              – 4,069 units
  • Austin TX              – 3,572.8 units
  • Charlotte NC          – 1,340.9 units
  • Raleigh NC              – 1,335 units
  • Lakeland FL             – 832.1 units
  • Boise ID                  – 788.9 units
  • Fayetteville NC         – 781.0 units
  • Provo UT                 – 775.0 units
  • Seattle WA               – 503.1 units

Thanks to DeedClaim and Inman.

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