Tim and Julie Harris show you how to think bigger. How do you know you’re thinking too small? A powerful discussion about what to do and how to do it so you can actually live the life of your dreams.

When starting your goal setting, stick to shorter term goals, 30 to 90 days.  Break them down to monthly, weekly and daily bites.

For example:  If you have a physical goal of losing 15 pounds over 90 days, that’s 5 pounds per month, which is 4.25 per week.  That’s easier to concentrate on and achieve than thinking you’ve got 90 days to lose 15 pounds in.

Next, how will you do it? Create a weekly plan that you can stick to.  Consider attaching the deadline to something significant like going to a wedding or a vacation.

Next add accountability: go to Orange Theory 3x weekly and / or hire a trainer.

The same technique can be applied to achieving your Magic Number of Listings.  (The number of listings you must have in your own inventory at all times to meet or achieve your monthly goals).

Say you need 3 actives at all times to achieve a regular 2 closings every month.  Maybe you have zero now.  Choose a short term deadline by which you’ll have 3 actives.  If you’re a new agent, this could take 90 days.  If you’re experienced you might be able to do it in a week, but be specific.

Then decide exactly HOW you’ll go about it, and get some accountability through coaching.

When you’re better at goal setting and achieving, you’ll know if you’re thinking too small if you can reverse engineer how to accomplish a goal.  

Because you’re using your current knowledge and experience versus forcing yourself to learn / think bigger.   

If you can reverse engineer, you’re just setting incremental goals versus really huge ones.  What would be a radical goal that you don’t actually know how to accomplish? 

Maybe your Magic Number is 3, but you know exactly how to do that… What if you thought bigger and made your new number 10?  What would you have to do?  What would you stop doing?

Instead of wanting a 15 foot ski boat that you could buy used on Craig’s list this afternoon, maybe you figure out how to buy a 100 foot yacht.  You know nothing about that, etc.  You’ll have to expand your exposure which will in turn make you think bigger.

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