Tim and Julie Harris demystify the pieces and parts which must work together for your Social Media presence to be successful.


A) Communication is key.  This is what social media actually is…it’s an additional way to communicate with your friends, center of influence, prospects, clients and professional relationships.  YOU should be efficient and professional at communicating effectively with all of these categories.  If you hire someone else, you’ll have to insure they can do this for you, and do it in a way that’s appropriate to who you are.

Typical things you must be good at to be effective communicating on social:

*Identify current events which are interesting and impactful to your social followers.  Housing news, mortgage news, inventory trends, new construction.  Provide something of value consistently.

*Understand all of your different tools and use them.  Video, pictures, GIFs, testimonials, etc.

*Have an actual content strategy.  Sporadic updating on random topics is not a plan.  What are you trying to accomplish?

-Lead Generation -Community Engagement  -Expand your Center of Influence

-Engage online to engage ‘IRL’ (in real life).

B) How to get Un-Followed (according to Sprout Social research):

  • 51% said ‘irrelevant content’
  • 35% said ‘too many promotional posts’
  • 34% said ‘too political’
  • 29% said ‘ignored my posts, likes or comments’

Homework from today’s podcast?  Review what you learned and go take a look at your existing social media platforms.  How are you doing? What needs changed, upgraded or polished?

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