Homebuyers don’t have to move to a small town to live in a friendly, happy place.  Some big-city metros have close-knit neighborly communities too.

Neighborliness Matters, Even in Big-City Metros

According to Neighbor.com, a platform that connects individuals seeking storage space, sought to determine which US metros represent the best in neighborliness.  Only the country’s 100 largest metros were included on this neighbor.com study.

Joseph Woodbury, CEO of Neighbor.com, said, “Neighborhoods are the crux of our society, where we make friends, educate our children, and care for each other.  It’s important that we continue to recognize and celebrate neighborly cities, which are more important than ever following this global pandemic.  Studies have shown interacting with your neighbors and getting to know them results in lower levels of loneliness and worry.”

No doubt searching for neighborliness was one of several reasons that many big-city residents fled large metros during the pandemic.  As neighbor.com discovered, neighborliness is alive and well in many big-city metros.

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What Does “Neighborliness” Mean?

Definitions of “neighborliness” usually include words such as friendliness, helpfulness, consideration, hospitality, care for others and cooperation.  Neighbor.com based its definition of “neighborliness” on “happiness.”  I

nstead of the usual definitions of “happiness” like gladness, pleasure, cheerfulness, delight, etc., neighbor.com based its happiness definition on factors such as wealth, the neighborhood’s local economy, volunteerism, performing acts of kindness for/with their neighbors, amenities, civic-mindedness, and low crime rates.

Why Did Madison WI Rank at the Top of neighbor.com’s List?

According to Timothy Riddlough, chair of the department of real estate and urban land economics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and resident of Madison, “Everyone gets along really well.  You can’t take a walk without drivers (or walkers, or runners, or anyone else on the streets) waving and smiling.”

Michael Theo, vice president for legal and public affairs with the Wisconsin Realtors Association and hometown fan of Madison’s diversity, culture and fine dining, said, “…the capital city has a small-town feel.”

Top 10 Most Neighborly Metros in 2021, according to neighbor.com 

  1. Madison WI – $382,400 (median list price for metro area 8/21)*
  2. Rochester NY – $227,500
  3. Portland OR – $558,000
  4. Minneapolis MN – $355,000
  5. Des Moines IA – $305,300
  6. Washington DC – $503,200
  7. Boston MA – $659,000
  8. Seattle WA – $675,000
  9. Pittsburgh PA – $232,500
  10. Milwaukee WI – $289,900

*All median list prices courtesy of realtor.com®.

 Thanks to neighbor.com and realtor.com®.










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