eXp Realty will continue its 2021 international expansion efforts into 2022.

New News of eXp Realty’s Expansion Efforts

eXp Realty recently announced its intentions to extend its international reach by homing in on housing markets in the Dominican Republic, Greece and New Zealand during Q1 2022.

All three of these countries have established themselves with housing markets that are growing economically, are driven by growing demand and foreign investments and are proximately located near already established eXp virtual operations.

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eXp’s latest international plans are totally consistent with its international efforts in 2021 when it established itself within the nine markets of Puerto Rico, (an American territory), Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, Columbia, Spain, Israel, Panama and Germany.

Michael Valdes, eXp Global President, said, “We’ve continued to expand globally at a steadfast pace.  There continues to be high demand for what eXp brings to the international real estate market.  With the addition of the Dominican Republic, Greece and New Zealand, we continue to solidify our strategic footprint across the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Asia), CALA (Caribbean, Latin America) and APAC (Asia Pacific) regions.”

eXp’s International Growth Complemented by Agent & Revenue Growth

Over the last several years, eXp Realty and its parent company eXp World Holdings have grown exponentially. In its earnings reports in Q3 2021, the company recorded its sixth consecutive record-setting quarter with an increase of +97% y/y in revenue to $1.1B.  The company’s agent count also grew by +82%.

Currently, the virtual brokerage has more than 72,000 agents throughout the world.

As eXp has been doing in all of its expansion efforts throughout the world, the brokerage will continue hiring leaders in each country who will charged with agent operations and services.

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Additional eXp Expectations in 2022

In December, eXp Realty founder and eXp World Holdings CEO Glenn Sanford told Inmanthat the brokerage firm would be seeking to innovate in new ways during 2022.  Sanford mentioned possibilities such as cryptocurrency transactions, second-home and fractional homeownership markets and further expansion into iBuying.

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