More countries are accelerating their shift to living with the virus.

UAE Remains Number One

The United Arab Emirates continues to lead the world’s efforts in combating the COVID virus.  The UAE scored the highest among 53 economies in Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking as it scored highest on tracking the Vaccine Does Administered.

The UAE also performed well on Vaccinated Travel Routes.  Of course, a low case county and limited overall mortality rate due to COVID boosted the UAE’s scores.

The richest homebuyers worldwide were clearly dialed into the safety of the UAE.  They purchased more luxury homes and estates in Dubai than in any other place in the world, according to Knight Frank, during 2021.  Apparently, instituting and maintaining the highest health and safety standards pay off.

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What is Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking?

 Bloomberg introduced its COVID Resilience Ranking in November 2020.  Essentially, this ranking provides a monthly snapshot of where in the world the COVID pandemic has been handled the most effectively in terms of having the least upheaval to people and business.

Bloomberg utilized 11 data indicators to determine its rankings.  Most of the data points center on virus containment, quality of healthcare, vaccination coverage, overall mortality and progress toward restarting international travel.  The rate of COVID testing is no longer a key indicator as countries such as Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden have limited their testing as the pandemic becomes endemic.

Top 20 Best Places to Be as Omicron Threat Wanes

Economy                    Bloomberg Resilience Score

  1. UAE                                           76.2
  2. Ireland                                       75.5
  3. Saudi Arabia                               74.1
  4. Norway                                       72.8
  5. Australia                                     71.7
  6. Spain                                          69.2
  7. Finland                                        67.9
  8. Colombia                                     66.8
  9. UK                                               66.8
  10. Portugal                                       66
  11. Denmark                                      65.8
  12. Belgium                                        65.4
  13. Canada                                         65.2
  14. Switzerland                                   64.7
  15. Chile                                             64.7
  16. France                                           64.4
  17. Argentina                                      64.3
  18. Turkey                                           64
  19. Malaysia                                         63.8
  20. US                                                 63.2

The 10 Worst Places to Be as Omicron Threat Wanes

  1. Pakistan                                          49.8
  2. Hong Kong                                      50.1
  3. Russia                                             50.2
  4. Philippines                                       51.8
  5. Poland                                             52.4
  6. Romania                                          54.4
  7. Vietnam                                           54.8
  8. South Africa                                     55.3
  9. Peru                                                55.4  10.Indonesia                                    55.8

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