Real Estate Agent Pop Quiz: Answer 25 Essential Questions!

Real Estate Agents, how do you know if you’re on track to kill it in real estate, if you’re going to be one that struggles, or are you on track to becoming a statistic? Take today’s test to find out. 

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This topic is the result of a Premier Coaching session one of our coaches did this week.  The coaching members liked it so much that we decided to make it into today’s podcast.  Coaching clients reported that they felt like they had so much more specific direction on what to work on after that session!  

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While we can’t drill down on this podcast like we do in coaching, we’ll at least give you the questions that were used.  There are 25 questions.

If you answer more NO than YES, then you need to get to work upgrading your skills, habits, discipline, and schedule.  The test will reveal exactly what you need to work on, and you’ll have the direction you’re looking for.  

For your YES answers, make sure you keep doing what you’re already good or great at, and strive to do it at an even higher level.

For your NO answers, at the end of the test, circle the top 3 to conquer this quarter, this month, and this week.  

Note:   If your answer is ‘not always’, it counts as a ‘no’. 

Let’s get started!  YES or NO Real Estate Skills Test:

1.  Are at least 50% of your past 10 transactions listings?

2.  Do you know what your magic number is?

3.  Do you have (and use) a Pre Listing Package?

4.  Do you have (and use) an organized database (CRM) with updated contact information for all of your past clients and centers of influence?

5.  Do you speak with at least 3 people from your database every work day (about real estate)?

6.  Do you dedicate at least 80% of each workday to proactive lead generation?

7.  Do you have an open house system that creates at least 2 close-able leads every time you hold a home open?

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8.  Do you close at least 6 transactions yearly as a result of your open house system?

9.  Are you confident that you accurately price your listings?

10.  Do you have professional profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram?

11.  Do you ask ‘Who do you know who could use my help buying or selling real estate? At least twice daily?

12.  Do you have goals in 5 areas of life and are they posted where you see them daily?

13.  Do you use whiteboards to visually track your business?

14.  Are you involved in coaching?

15.  Do you have (and use) a buyer presentation?

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16.  Do you answer your phone 80% of the time when it rings?

17.  Do you follow furiously fast lead follow-up? (Calling back in less than 5 minutes any lead that you didn’t speak with by answering the call in the first place)…

18.  Do you send 5 thank you or congrats cards daily?

19.  Do you have (and use) a Listing Presentation?

20.  Do you listen to this podcast daily?

21.  Are you self-generating more leads than you’re paying for?

22.  Do you have a predictable, duplicatable business, or are you dependent mainly on the luck of repeat and referral business?

23.  Are you actively working to improve your skills?  Only answer yes if you can explain specifically HOW you’re working to improve.

24.  Can you identify where your next 3 to 5 transactions will come from?  Buyers / Listings / Who are they and when is their next appointment with you?

25.  Do you believe that you will succeed in this business, or are you ‘seeing how it goes’?

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