Today we’re discussing the process taking your dreams, turning them into goals, setting milestones to achieve them and ultimately doing the work to transform your vision of success into a reality.
Today we’re continuing our discussion of what it truly means to transition from part-time to full-time agent, as well as the steps you must take to ensure a smooth, easy transition
If you’ve seen the potential for higher income from the part-time deals you’ve done and want more –now is the time to get started!
Small choices add up to big results, if you’re not making the right ones, you could be in trouble. It’s easy to lapse into patterns of lazy, short-term thinking that lead to less-than-stellar results.
Today we’re continuing our discussion of proven, practical steps that you can take to make 2016 the best year ever. If you feel any uncertainty about how you’ll exceed last year’s production in the next 12 months, then tune in to today’s show.
Today we’re going to help you get up to speed in 2016 with 10 proven ways that you can renew your focus, motivation and passion for real estate in the new year.
Let’s face it — success isn’t easy, and making it last is even harder. Today, we’re taking a hard, honest look at long-term success and helping you avoid becoming one of those “shooting stars” who dominates the market and then quickly disappears.
Achieving your short-term goals is a foundation step towards long-term planning and success, so tune in & pick up tips on making money now to stay financially solvent as you plan a long-term strategy for future success.
This time of year, the days are getting shorter and holiday schedules are eating our spare time - so if you want to stay ahead, you truly need every moment of productive working time that you can get!
Today we're continuing our discussion of daily minimum standards - that laundry list of action items that you need to be doing every single day to ensure that you have a steady stream of new business coming in the door.

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