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Real Feedback on Tim & Julie Harris, Grateful Agent from Washington

Hi Julie, I wanted to tell you that YOU are the main reason I just signed up for your coaching program. Your advice is EXCELLENT....

Real Feedback on Tim & Julie Harris, Dennis from Virginia

Good Morning Tim & Julie, I was listening to the Stages of Mastery and listening to the airplane analogy, again, and had an epiphany. It’s not...

Real Feedback on Tim & Julie Harris, Tracy from Tennessee

Good morning!  I wanted to let you know how helpful Lawrence McBride was to me during our initial coaching consultation and setup session. I...

Real Feedback on Tim & Julie Harris, Rebecca from Kansas

Hi Tim & Julie! I just wanted to thank you for the great help and coaching that you provide on the radio program. I think...

Real Feedback on Tim & Julie Harris, Agent from Reno

Email Received: 11/18 Tim, I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I really enjoy the shows when you are would up about teams, or buying leads, or...

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