What does it take to be happy in this life?  It’s probably not what you think it is!  More than that, what effect does being truly happy have on your business?  It turns out that being unhappy leads to a host of problems and obstacles to achieving the goals that you set for yourself, whether they are business related or personal. Are you one of the happy people? Join us for Part 3 of our series as we deep dive into the characteristics of happy people and the action steps you need to take to change those unhappy behaviors and habits!

8. Happy people have clearly defined standards in their personal and business lives. Have you considered your health, family, financial and spiritual standards?

9. Happy people DO experience negative emotions, but they don’t allow these feelings to control them. Listen to the podcast and learn some tricks to not staying stuck there!

10. Happy people are ambitious.  Notice, we didn’t say ruthless!  How else can you think about this?  Don’t be complacent!

11. Happy people are not procrastinators.  Listen to the podcast for the affirmation you can say daily to keep you on track!

12. Happy people love the Accumulation Effect!  What’s that saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Neither is your success or anything else that really matters to you.

13. Happy people understand and live by the Serenity Prayer. Do you know it?  It’s short, simple, but truly powerful!  Listen to the podcast to lock it in your brain!

14. Happy people value their bodies and stay fit! There’s a connection between physical and mental that you cannot ignore if you want to move ahead in life!

15. Happy people give appreciation before getting it.  If you’re truly here to serve, the focus should be on others, not yourself.  Need a pick-me-up to feel appreciated? Listen to the podcast and do our homework assignment!

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