You can’t grow your real estate business without generating more leads.  Its a simple fact that the more leads you generate, the more transactions you will close.  What is your mindset about generating leads?  Given the way your mindset is right now, do you think that getting leads is easy or hard? If you think that getting leads is hard, that’s no surprise. For the most part, agents have been told that its hard and thereby have been sold on the idea of buying them.

Shift your mindset to the idea that leads are all around you. One of the most successful and well-known Superstars in the business, Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing NYC, can attribute his own success to this idea.  When Fredrik walks the streets of Manhattan or rubs shoulders with other New York movers and shakers, he sees every person as a potential buyer or seller, or both!  He didn’t get to the top by buying leads!  He got there by viewing every interaction with people as someone who he could do business with (now or later) or get referral business from.  He didn’t buy leads and you don’t have to either.

Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing NYC.

Leads are everywhere! If you ‘tune’ in and become situationally aware (or present) with people and what they’re saying, you will start finding opportunities for business all over the place.

You may have also heard that as long as you develop one solid method of generating leads, that you’ll achieve consistent cash flow.  WRONG!  This is a myth that’s been passed down by trainers and gurus who have a one-trick-pony system to sell you.  Just “do this one thing” and you’ll never have to generate leads again…sound familiar?

Do you want to learn how to generate ongoing leads for consistent and predictable monthly income?  We thought so!  Here are the 5 things you need to know about lead generation:

1. Why implementing the ‘Spokes on the Wheel’ method will generate you more money, more consistently than you’ve anything else you’ve ever learned before.

2. What types of lead generation are best for you and your market?

3. How much time and/or money each lead generation source costs?

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