Hi Tim!

My name is Tiara Weiner, I am a realtor with RE/MAX Advantage in Raleigh, North Carolina. I just listened today for the first time to your podcast and absolutely loved it!  I listened to 25 Traits of Happy People and How to Be One of Them! Part 1.

I just wanted to shoot over an email thanking you for what you do, because I can already tell it’s going to bless me and grow me tremendously.

I have been in the Realtor for a little over a year now. I just — as of Friday — quit my part time job as a bartender and am now focusing fully on real estate. My business is on a great track and I am surrounded by incredible people, who push me and encourage me daily. As I enter this new season, I am challenging myself to soak up as much knowledge for real estate through sources like your podcast and to better myself/business as much as possible. Last night, I googled “Top real estate podcasts” and yours came up. I already feel like I’ve learned and taken away quite a bit from you and your wife. I look forward to continuing to listen and learn from y’all! I already sent a link to a few other agents I know and will continue to share it as I see fit.

Again, thank you for your podcast and for helping people like myself. Y’all made my day!!



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